Training Kit on Integrated Management for local climate adaptation and mitigation

Welcome to the CHAMP Integrated Management Training Kit! This training kit is dedicated to you, being or becoming a trainer on the Integrated Management System (IMS). Here you will find all materials to plan and conduct successful training courses for local governments, including training descriptions, presentations (PPTs), and extensive tips and explanations.

The focus of the training is on using IMS for local climate change adaptation and mitigation. Climate Change with its characteristics such as high complexity, need for interdisciplinary cooperation or a long-lasting timescales can be considered as key future challenge that needs to be managed by local authorities. The IMS is a local management instrument, which creates a framework to cope with such challenges.

This training course combines the experience of different initiatives and institutions (mainly from the MUE-25 and the CHAMP project). The tool presented has been applied in training with many European cities.

To get a better overview on the material included in the training kit, you will find a short description following the links below:

The trainerĀ“s handbook

The Trainer's handbook gives practical tips how to prepare you for the trainings!

The training course with module descriptions

By clicking the cycle on the left-hand menu, you find suggestions for designing the training course on the IMS for local climate change. This course is divided into 9 modules, the 5 steps of the IMS plus the cross cutting issues Involvement & Communication and Organisational setup.

The IMS Guidance papers

The IMS guidance papers are the basis for everybody, who deals with the Integrated Management System. It contains a detailed description of the IMS for local climate change and will give you a deeper insight to each step of the process.

Further training material

In addition to the training course description, you will find to following materials to design your training:

  • Slide presentations

Summarising the guidance papers, the presentations for each module contain all relevant information needed to explain the particular issue to the participants.

  • Exercise descriptions

These exercise descriptions are either included in the text or included by means of a link to another web source.

In addition to the guidance papers, tools and case studies have been developed that give practical assistance to those implementing IMS in local governments.

The training kit is only available in English. Please log in for more material.