CHAMP – Local Climate Change Response

CHAMP Brochure European citizens are experiencing first-hand the impacts of a rapidly changing climate. Europe’s political leaders have acknowledged the importance of ambitious political targets and their implementation as a response to the challenge of climate change.

Local and regional authorities are in a relevant and good position to fight climate change by developing and implementing integrated climate strategies within their scope of responsibility and through citizen involvement.

Response to the climate change challenge requires a highly integrated approach by local and regional authorities. However, few local and subregional authorities have sufficiently integrated structures in place.

The project consortium has great experience in working with local and subregional authorities in sustainability issues and will support them to face the challenge ahead.

An EU perspective

Various EU policies and strategies (e.g. the EU Regional and Cohesion Policy, the EU Territorial Agenda, the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable Cities and the EU Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment) refer to an integrated approach as a key response where traditional planning approaches appear insufficient to tackle the challenge.

The EU’s Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment (TSUE) points out that integrated environmental management answers the needs of local and regional authorities, but requires extensive training and capacity building.