Actions and outcomes

Main activities in CHAMP

The project activities in CHAMP are divided in 15 actions with each partner responsible for certain ones and include the following:

  • The creation of focused and up-to-date content and methods for capacity development for local and regional governments “Towards an integrated management response to climate change in EU27”;
  • The demonstration of training capacity in four EU Member States (Finland, Germany, Hungary and Italy) through the establishment of National hubs for training and support of IMS to the local level;
  • Carrying out pilot capacity development programmes on integrated management for local and subregional authorities in four EU Member states with a specific focus on climate change;
  • Development and implementation of a training module for third parties and especially EMAS competent bodies and EMAS auditors;
  • Development of EU27 wide network structures including cities, regions and organizations working with integrated management;
  • Development of an electronic platform to support the low carbon footprint principle of the project;
  • Dissemination, awareness raising and promotion of project experiences on a European and regional level

Outcomes of the project

During three years CHAMP is aiming to reach the following outputs:

  • 16-40 local and subregional authorities directly contributing to EU climate change commitments;
  • Improved implementation of existing EU environment policies and legislation at the local and subregional level in at least 4 EU countries with increased support and encouragement from the national level;
  • 4 established national training hubs in Finland, Germany, Italy and Hungary;
  • Implemented train-the-trainers programme in the 4 Member States;
  • A train-the-trainers programme ready for transfer to other EU27+ countries to support local and subregional authorities in their work against climate change;
  • Further development regarding standardization of IMS by training of auditors in EU 27+ countries on the implementation of EMAS into strategic aspects of a local / regional local authority;
  • 16-40 local and subregional authorities trained on integrated management systems for climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • An EU-wide competence network on integrated management system;
  • An electronic platform established to support the further use of IMS for climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as further sustainability dimensions