Low carbon project management

One of CHAMP’s aims is to develop ways for low-carbon footprint project management. Mainly, this means reducing the need to travel by using e-communication as most of CHAMP’s CO2 emissions are caused by travelling to meetings and other events. It also includes using e-publications instead of paper.

Low carbon project management guidelines for CHAMP include information on what low-carbon footprint project management means in the CHAMP project. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide project partners with the information that is needed for managing a low-carbon footprint project. Besides tips and ideas on paper use, travel and organizing events, these guidelines also offer examples of savings in CO2 emissions in the project and a collection of links for more information about carbon offsetting, green office guides and carbon calculators.

Aims of low-carbon footprint project management

  • Reducing the CO2 emissions caused by project actions mainly by the use of e-communication in project management
  • Estimating the CO2 emissions caused by the project in order to be able to measure the savings at the end of the project (at least exemplary)
  • Encouraging project partners to contribute to low-carbon footprint project management practices
  • Making participating cities and other organizations aware of our aims in all project-related events


  • Concentrating on the most critical actions on the project:
  • Paper use and publications
  • Travel
  • Organizing events
  • Producing guidelines for partners to use and information for CHAMP website: Pool of links & advice on the “Project outcomes” section of the homepage
  • Applying the guidelines in trainings, meetings and other events organized by project partners, making participating cities aware of the guidelines
  • Estimating the saves in CO2 emissions achieved by e-communication by using examples

Download CHAMP Low carbon project management guidelines here:

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