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Background to the model

The model of an integrated management system was developed in the Managing Urban Europe-25 (MUE-25) project. It was initiated and co-financed by the European Commission (DG Environment) in relation to the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment (TSUE). In total, 25 European cities and regions participated in the MUE-25 project (2005-2008).

At the start of the project, these 25 cities and regions took part in the model development by reporting on their challenges, strengths and visions with regards to sustainability management up to that point. Their input was crucial to the research supporting the model development. The proposed model implemented by the 25 cities and regions was a 3-year pilot, during which they reported back on their achievements. Their work contributed to the development of a model for local/regional sustainability that can be used by all cities and regions.

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