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Welcome on the online guidance of the integrated management system!

On this page you can familiarize yourself with the model of the integrated management system (IMS) and gain understanding of the benefits it can offer to your city or regional authority. A short introduction tour to the IMS model, available in nine languages, can be followed using the link on the right. A comprehensive guidance on the IMS is found behind the wheel on the left. Follow the full guidance on the model step-by-step using arrow symbols below the text or navigate to the parts that interest you most with the menu on the left.

All the material presented on this webpage can be acquired on the download page in pdf format. A short version, Integrated management – Towards local and regional sustainability, is available in nine languages. Printed copies can be ordered at the Union of the Baltic Cities.

We hope you find the material on this page interesting and helpful in the search for a more sustainable tomorrow! We welcome any comments, questions or suggestions that may arise while browsing.