The European Partnership for Integrated Sustainability Management was launched on 4 June 2011 during the Resilient Cities 2011 conference. This Europe-wide initiative consists of several National Training Hubs in different countries throughout the EU-27, made up of either one or several organisations that are capable of training other cities or regions.

The European Partnership focuses on developing common capacity building services through National Training Hubs for local and regional authorities with a special focus on an Integrated Management System for sustainability. By promoting and developing mutual learning possibilities and exchanging experiences between member organisations, the partnership supports them in organising training programmes and awareness raising events.

During the Launch ceremony five new organisations were welcomed to the partnership: SES efficiency, Observatory for Sustainability, the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities, Sendzimir Foundation Poland and the regional training center for local public administration Sibiu. This launch was the official starting point for a growing European community of organisations, which use this platform for cooperation and exchange.

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