The CHAMP project (2009-2012) has now ended and we thank all pilot cities,project partners that took part in developing new capacities to local climate change response around Europe. All project material will be available in the future through the portal.

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You can also read more about the project results in the last CHAMP newsletter and CHAMP Layman's report. Both include insights to main results of the project, reflections of the CHAMP final conference and thoughts about the future and how the good work will be kept up after project lifetime.

Just in time – the German CHAMP Final conference has taken place

The German CHAMP final conference has taken place on 26 April 2012 in Mainz. The event was hosted by the Federal Ministry for environment and agriculture of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

As the German CHAMP trainings had a focus on communities in Rhineland-Palatinate, it was a good opportunity to hold the final conference there. The conference was organized as an expert workshop, where practitioners from 10 cities have exchanged their experiences on using the IMS. In parallel to the CHAMP project, the experiences will be further incorporated in a regional initiative called [Nachhaltigkeit Kommunal. This is an initiative from the ministry in cooperation with ICLEI to foster local sustainability in Rhineland-Palatinate in the future.

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European resolution ‘Making cities resilient’ adopted

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has adopted the resolution Making cities resilient based on a report drafted by ICLEI Europe on behalf of the Congress. The new text supports the United Nations World Disaster Reduction Campaign. This initiative is aimed at raising awareness among citizens and local governments on the benefits of reducing urban risks, integrating the potential disaster risk into cities’ planning to protect critical infrastructure.

In the resolution the Integrated Management System (IMS), which has been the backbone of the CHAMP dissemination and training activities, has been highlighted as an organizational framework for strategy building and implementation on local level. By placing the IMS in the resolution, the CHAMP project and the management system itself gained international visibility and recognition.

The Congress welcomes ICLEI’s decision to hold annual congresses to share knowledge and experience on resilient cities, and instructs its Current Affairs Committee to continue its partnership with the organisation. The new resolution has been forwarded to the Council of Europe Committee and Holger Robrecht, Sustainability Management Director at German CHAMP partner ICLEI Europe, has present the organisation’s views in Strasbourg (France) on 26 April 2012.

The last CHAMP newsletter is out!

The last CHAMP newsletter is out!

The fifth and last CHAMP newsletter has been published. The newsletter includes an insight to our main results, reflections of the CHAMP final conference and thoughts about the future and how the good work will be kept up after project lifetime.

Read more in the CHAMP newsletter.

CHAMP Layman's report has been published

The CHAMP project is coming to an end, and the Layman's report has been published. It will give information of the activities and results of the past three years, in a short and understandable format.

Download the publication here: CHAMP Layman's report.

CHAMP Final conference is over!

The CHAMP Final online conference "European Climate Champions" is over!
Thank you to all partners and speakers for contributing and to all participants for taking part in this new experience.

You can find all materials and the recorded Live stream at the conference website and we are happy to still receive your feedback!

The CHAMP final conference “European Climate Champions – Solutions for integrating climate change into local strategies” is approaching and will take place this week, December 14th-15th

European Climate Champions will be completely online, which means that you can take part comfortably from your desk whenever it suits your timetable.

The conference invites local and regional authorities, together with other actors, to discuss the role of municipalities in responding to the challenge of climate change.

The conference will present the results of CHAMP project, focusing on three themes:

  • Concrete solutions from pilot cities to work in an integrated way with climate change
  • Online capacity development and training package and training opportunities
  • New cooperation possibilities on EU level

Just visit and all information, discussions, videos and the live stream is just at your fingertips.

Besides the material available on the conference website, during both days there will be a live stream, broadcasting presentations and discussions, the whole programme you can find here.

Wednesday, 14th Dec:
Listen to cities’ experiences with implementing an integrated management system for climate change and Alan AtKisson’s views on how to motivate local administration officials to work with climate change issues as well as a panel discussion.
Together with CHAMP project partners the speakers will have a panel discussion.

Thursday, 15th Dec:
Get insight to the newly established European Partnership for Integrated Sustainability Management and the importance of cooperation on European level.

How to take part:

  • You can follow the conference also on Twitter and you are most welcome to share your thoughts by using #champfc.
  • Join the event already now at LinkedIn!
  • On the main website you have the chance to comment and take part in discussions in the conference blog.
  • During the Live Stream, pose your questions to the speakers in the live chat.

European Climate Champions Conference

Registration to an interesting climate change adaptation conference is currently going on!

Climate Change Adaptation in Practice
3rd International BaltCICA Conference

18 – 19 January 2012
City Hall, Helsinki, Finland

The 3rd International BaltCICA Conference sets the spotlight on applied climate change adaptation. The Baltic Sea Region is expected to face changes in precipitation and flood patterns as well as rising sea levels. As coastal urban areas continue to grow, tourism is an important and growing economical factor, and nature and natural resources are to be protected, this leads to new challenges:

  • How to safeguard drinking water availability and quality?
  • How to manage riverine and coastal floods?
  • How to design new urban areas and retrofit existing ones?

At the conference, cities and regions present their solutions and approaches for these challenges. The programme covers topics such as applying scientific results, assessment of adaptation methods, participatory approaches for adaptation and benefits of transnational cooperation. A special focus is given to adaptation in Finland and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as well as highlights from Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Estonia.

The conference is the closing event of the BaltCICA project. The BaltCICA project has been part-financed by the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 - 2013.

See the draft programme and register by December 17th on the BaltCICA website.

The CHAMP consortium is organising the second regional final conference to take place in Rimini, Italy. The event will be part of the biggest environmental fair in the country, Ecomondo. Italian CHAMP cities and their achievements will be presented from La Spezia, Padova, Siena and Firenze.

See the agenda for European Climate Champions in English or in Italian.

EUROPEAN CLIMATE CHAMPIONS - Solutions for integrating climate change into local strategies
Soluzioni per integrare il cambiamento climatico nelle strategie locali

10 November 2011 9.30 - 12.00
Ecomondo – Città sostenibili
Rimini Fiera

Presentation of the LIFE+ CHAMP project results: integrated management strategies for local response to climate change
Marzio Marzorati, Coordinamento Agende 21 locali italiane
Orsola Bolognani, Ambiente Italia

The CHAMPions present their climate integrated strategies
1. Municipality of La Spezia, Laura Ruocco (councillor)
2. Municipality of Padova, Alessandro Zan (councillor)
3. Province of Siena, Gabriele Berni (councillor)
4. Municipality of Firenze, Giacomo Parenti (coordinator of municipality
climate team)

During the meeting the Local Authorities will sign the commitment to implement the integrated
management system for local response to climate change

Integrated management for sustainability in the local authorities
Emanuele Burgin
President of Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane

Lari Pitka-Kangas - City of Malmö
Vice-Mayor, Urban ecology and consumer councillor, Sweden

Franziska Breyer - City of Freiburg
Mayor office, Department for environment, school, education and public
buildings, Germany

The implementation of local action plan for sustainable energy and climate

10 November 2011 12,00 - 13,30
Ecomondo – Città sostenibili
Rimini Fiera

Introduction: Vanni Bulgarelli, Sustainable Cities Workgroup
Moderator: Marco Fratoddi, Director of “Nuova Ecologia”

Open discussion with Mayors, Councillors and Technicians of the following Municipalities:
Città di Castello, Modena, Avigliana, Collegno, San Severo, Udine, Genova, Reggio Emilia

Organized by the A21 workgroup Sustainable Cities
In cooperation with Rimini Fiera business space

Info: Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane
Gruppo di lavoro Città Sostenibili